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Tea And Cake

24/1/08 22:40 - samanthas - Tea and C Test Site 1.0

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27/11/07 13:19 - samanthas - Recipie* Request

Can anyone point me towards a good christmas pudding recipie*?

*I know this is one of those words I can't spell, my brain refuses to remember it. T and C will be spellchecked, but I can only rarely be bothered to spellcheck lj posts...

29/8/07 15:23 - samanthas

There is a surfeit of plums in the office from N's garden.
Any suggestions?

14/8/07 13:03 - samanthas - The Tea Chest

I have begun to sign up some special people to write columns for Tea and C, as you may have noted if you read nalsa's blog.

I have maviscruet as site Agony Uncle, my friend Kate writing a Vegan Cookery Column (tenativley titled 'The Vegan Way'), and of course Mike's Baking (or Culinary) Alphabet.

Here I Waffle, In Search Of InspirationCollapse )

maviscruet may be searching for more problems soon (he's had two already!), and should shortly have his own t&c email address.

Just so you know, I will be returning to my 365 days of cake soon - I have made progress with this, but might require your assistance, dear readers, for the last dash.

1/6/07 08:39 - shazrasha - Artistic Tea

Was sent this by a friend of mine. Thought it would be of interest to the group.

THey even do free sample (well free but for postage)

Full Bloom Tea

30/5/07 16:57 - samanthas - Japanese Biscuits

The evolution of the McVities Biscuit in Japan

22/5/07 14:31 - dilerium - Tea

Apparently tea is good for you.


21/5/07 18:31 - samanthas - Somebody Beat Me To It!


You Are a Chocolate Cake

Fun, comforting, and friendly.
You are a true classic, and while you're not super cutting edge, you're high quality.
People love your company - and have even been known to get addicted to you.

10/5/07 21:55 - samanthas - Check, Check, Check Ch-Check it out!



Blimey I'd better get cracking on the content. Proof readers: I may be emailing you soon!

Whilst I am here - what are your favorite current places online for tea, cake, and baking?

I always liked the cookie section of http://allrecipes.com - any site with 300+ recipies for the hiumbe chocolate chip cookie is going to get my thumbs up...

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