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Tea And Cake

24/1/08 22:40 - samanthas - Tea and C Test Site 1.0

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27/11/07 13:19 - samanthas - Recipie* Request

Can anyone point me towards a good christmas pudding recipie*?

*I know this is one of those words I can't spell, my brain refuses to remember it. T and C will be spellchecked, but I can only rarely be bothered to spellcheck lj posts...

29/8/07 15:23 - samanthas

There is a surfeit of plums in the office from N's garden.
Any suggestions?

14/8/07 13:03 - samanthas - The Tea Chest

I have begun to sign up some special people to write columns for Tea and C, as you may have noted if you read nalsa's blog.

I have maviscruet as site Agony Uncle, my friend Kate writing a Vegan Cookery Column (tenativley titled 'The Vegan Way'), and of course Mike's Baking (or Culinary) Alphabet.

Here I Waffle, In Search Of InspirationCollapse )

maviscruet may be searching for more problems soon (he's had two already!), and should shortly have his own t&c email address.

Just so you know, I will be returning to my 365 days of cake soon - I have made progress with this, but might require your assistance, dear readers, for the last dash.

25/6/07 13:13 - midnightoak - Tea Storage or lack of it.

The problemCollapse )

As you can see from the photo, some attempt has been made to unify the storage shape of my teas (jars from IKEA for the smaller amounts, empty tetleys for the larger ones, may have to decorate and get more of them, and a box for half of my teabags...need another one the same size) but essentially I have too much to store conventionally. So maybe a section on the site on Tea (and indeed cake) storage solutions might be an idea?

1/6/07 08:39 - shazrasha - Artistic Tea

Was sent this by a friend of mine. Thought it would be of interest to the group.

THey even do free sample (well free but for postage)

Full Bloom Tea

30/5/07 16:57 - samanthas - Japanese Biscuits

The evolution of the McVities Biscuit in Japan

22/5/07 14:31 - dilerium - Tea

Apparently tea is good for you.


21/5/07 18:31 - samanthas - Somebody Beat Me To It!


You Are a Chocolate Cake

Fun, comforting, and friendly.
You are a true classic, and while you're not super cutting edge, you're high quality.
People love your company - and have even been known to get addicted to you.

10/5/07 21:55 - samanthas - Check, Check, Check Ch-Check it out!



Blimey I'd better get cracking on the content. Proof readers: I may be emailing you soon!

Whilst I am here - what are your favorite current places online for tea, cake, and baking?

I always liked the cookie section of http://allrecipes.com - any site with 300+ recipies for the hiumbe chocolate chip cookie is going to get my thumbs up...

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